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What is publicity ?

Publicity is making something known to the public, spreading information to the general local or national market. It is information with a news value used to attract public attention or support. Everybody use publicity. Manufactures, businesses , celebrities even politicians use publicity to further their causes and gain attention.


There is only only two ways to land the name of your business in the local newspaper, by paying for an advertisement or by having a newsworthy event that is covered by the local press. Both can be very effective but the all-mighty news release can provide the level of credibility and respect that can spark on-the-spot sales for your business.


Advertisements contain information that people know are biased. Surveys have shown that the vast majority of people believe that all advertisements contain false or misleading information.


News articles, on the other hand, are written by third-party news organizations that have nothing to gain by endorsing your business. Hence, their believability is high. Thats exactly why your ads should use an editorial style format.


Regaredless of your business or enterprise, FREE PUBLICITY is available to you. And you don't need  any particular background or training to do it.

Publicity differs from advertising because it is FREE .


Would you like to expand the volume of your business ? You can let thousands of people know about your service, business ,restaurants or your new products without paying a penny. Whether you want to make more sales, or get an offer on television, you can broaden the scope of your clients by using FREE PUBLICITY.>>Get FREE Publicity Now<<